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At Chatham, we know that a focus on innovation and research is our future. But that's not stopping us from getting started today. Each day, we're thinking of - and integrating - academic opportunities that will give Chatham students an advantage in the world. Innovative approaches that allow students to achieve more during their time at Chatham and be set up for success after. Whether it's through our accelerated graduate programs, self-designed majors, senior tutorial projects, diverse work-study opportunities, or the Prior Learning Assessment program, Chatham's unique offerings allow students to acquire their education on their own terms, following their own passions, and within their own means.

Complimenting our academic innovation is the impact Chatham's students and faculty are making in their research activities. At our new Eden Hall Campus, research won't just be conducted; it'll be lived, experienced, and integrated into our daily activities, constantly pushing our knowledge bases and opening up new avenues for innovation. Innovation and research are more than Chatham's future; it's our right now.

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Chatham University receives $25,000 Dominion Foundation grant to support weather and microclimate monitoring technology at Eden Hall Campus

James Mesloh, Dominion Foundation Executive Director, presents a check for $25,000 to David Hassenzahl, Dean of Chatham's Falk School of Sustainability, for weather and microclimate research at Chatham University's Eden Hall Campus.

A $25,000 grant from the Dominion Foundation will provide support establishing Chatham University's weather and microclimate monitoring station at Eden Hall Campus, the future home of the Falk School of Sustainability (SSE). Providing hands-on learning to develop expertise in environmental science and sustainability, SSE graduate students will be involved in the installation and monitoring process. Data will be incorporated into both undergraduate and graduate courses.

The grant is part of the Dominion Foundation's Higher Education Partnership Program, which has awarded a total of $1 million in grants to 32 college and post-secondary schools across 10 states to help projects in renewable energy, environmental studies, engineering and workforce development.

Eden Hall Campus will be a demonstration site, modeling a variety of different building standards and ways to live. The buildings will incorporate high-performance, integrated design and will provide a laboratory for researching and testing best practices. Each building will be monitored to determine energy consumption and to see what methods work best.

During the 2012-13 school year, Chatham students will design and initiate environmental assessment and monitoring of meteorological, soil, and water conditions to establish baseline measures, to observe temporal and spatial patterns, and to inform sustainable development and environmental management decisions. Students will be actively involved in assessing and recommending best management practices. The datasets created by the system will be shared beyond Chatham to the benefit of teaching and design professionals in fields ranging from storm water engineering, to architecture, meteorology, and ecology.

Chatham is deeply committed to the regeneration of the landscape at Eden Hall, one of the largest undeveloped tracts of land in Allegheny County. The grant from the Dominion Higher Educational Partnership will allow Chatham students to be intimately involved in the site's construction and development process through experiential, challenge-based courses and projects. They will determine the baseline environmental conditions of the site and monitor these conditions so as to inform the sustainable development and management of the site. In doing so, Chatham will educate students about the value of environmental monitoring and rigorous data analysis, and support research projects and food production conducted by faculty and students.

In the fall of 2012, the school will welcome its first cohort of students into the Masters of Sustainability program. This cohort will be composed of highly motivated, pioneer-minded individuals eager to take part in the Eden Hall Campus development process. As part of their first year experience, the students will begin research on the current conditions of the Eden Hall Campus landscape and will be continually involved in the evaluation of the development and management plans for the campus buildings and habitat.


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