Chatham University

Strategic Planning Steering Committee


The responsibility of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee is to lead the development of a comprehensive, inclusive, and collaborative plan to guide Chatham University forward for the next five years and beyond, building on the tremendous strides the University has made in the past two decades. The plan will be a living document, with clear goals and targets associated with them that will be updated annually with progress shared with the full Chatham community.

The Committee will listen to and seek input from a broad and inclusive range of campus and external stakeholders, help gather and analyze information about the state of the University and factors likely to affect it in the future, engage transparently with the Chatham community, and assist the Board and the administration in producing a strategic plan featuring strategic goals for the University accompanied by measurable objectives. A core part of its work will be to coordinate and integrate the output of the different Board of Trustee Strategic Task Forces and the new Campus Master Plan, and to help identify key areas not covered by the Task Forces – such as future academic offerings, and opportunities to enhance the student experience and retention.

The Committee will monitor progress, review pertinent documents, provide feedback, make recommendations regarding the planning process; and help refine successive versions of the emerging strategic plan. The Committee will communicate regularly with the campus community on the progress and developments of the strategic planning process through a website devoted to this purpose. This will include sharing the Task Force reports, and drafts of the strategic plan for comment.

The Steering Committee will be chaired by the VP for Strategic Planning and will report to the President.

Campus Representatives


Debbie Delong, Associate Professor of Marketing
Iris Grossmann, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Technology
Joe Schreiber, Professor and Program Director, Physical Therapy


Isaiah Brown, Undergraduate (Communications)
Jacy Clark '16, Graduate (Masters of Occupational Therapy)
Alyson Fearon, Graduate (Masters of Science in Sustainability)


Alberta Certo, Assessment Coordinator
Kate Emory, International Student Service Coordinator
Krista Terpack, MBA '09, Sr. Graphic Designer


Pam Bradley '70, President, Chatham University Alumni Association
Kristin DeLuca '02, Development Officer, Honors College, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Instructor, School of Education

Board of Trustee Representatives from the Board Task Forces

Pamela Bradley '70 / International Education
Brooks Broadhurst / Growth & Capacity
Jane Burger '66 / Access & Affordability
Sigo Falk / Eden Hall and Sustainability
Jane Murphy '68 / Online & Continuing Education
Jennifer Potter '66 / Chair, Board of Trustees

President's Cabinet

Amy Becher, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Bill Campbell, Vice President of Marketing & Communication
Sean Coleman, Vice President of Planning
Pat Downey, Dean, School of Health Sciences
David Finegold, President
Walt Fowler, Sr. Vice President of Business & Finance
Carey Miller, Vice President of Advancement
Darlene Motley, Dean, School of Arts, Science and Business
Jenna Templeton, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Leonard Trevino, Director of Athletics
Zauyah Waite, Vice President of Student Affairs
Peter Walker, Dean, Falk School of Environment & Sustainability

Board Task Forces

Affordability & Access

Chair: Jane Burger
Members: Louise Brown, Heidi Fenton, Cordelia Jacobs, Sarah Jugovic, Kent McElhattan, Mary Templeton
Staff: Amy Becher, Bill Campbell, Jennifer Lundy, Darlene Motley, Carey Miller

Eden Hall/Falk School

Chair: Sigo Falk
Members: Brooks Broadhurst, Carla Castagnero, Andrew Falk, William Lipscomb, Freddie Fu, Nick Beckwith, Henry Simonds, Nancy Waichler, Murray Rust, Marty Carson, Louise Turan
Staff: David Finegold, Peter Walker, LouAnne Caliguiri, Alice Julier, Mary Whitney, Meg Bernard

Growth & Capacity

Chair: Brooks Broadhurst
Members: Jane Burger, Sigo Falk, Murray Rust, Duff McCrady
Staff: Walt Fowler, Paul Steinhaus, Zauyah Waite


Chair: Aradhna Oliphant
Members: Pam Bradley, Sigo Falk, Stephen Greer, Jennifer Potter
Staff: David Finegold, Chris Musick, Jenna Templeton

Online Learning/Continuing Education

Chair: Jane Murphy
Members: Laura Fisher, Joanne Laipson, Henry Simonds
Staff: David Finegold, Jenna Templeton, Mark Kassel, Paul Steinhaus