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August 18, 2017

Update on Chatham University's Strategic Planning Process

From: Dr. David Finegold
Recipients: Chatham faculty, staff, students, and alumnae/i

December 16, 2016

From: Dr. David Finegold
Recipients: Chatham faculty, staff, students, and alumnae/i

As the fall semester comes to a close, I wanted to let you know about the strategic planning process that Chatham University is embarking on for next year. This planning process will be important for the institution as it will help set the course of the University for the next five years and beyond, and identify our key priorities and areas to invest.

As you know, I've spent my first six months at Chatham on a "listening tour" with our internal and external stakeholders. Although I intend to continue the "listening tour" into 2017, what I've learned from you about Chatham – its opportunities and its challenges – has given us a great foundation to undertake a strategic planning process with the Chatham community.

The Chatham community – faculty, students, staff, alumni, the Board, and our external partners – is critical to the success both of the planning process and the resulting plan. We want to be sure that the voices, perspectives, creativity and experience of this community are included in the process and reflected in the final plan. A Strategic Planning Steering Committee (whose members are listed below), drawn from these constituencies, has been established to ensure that this happens.

The Steering Committee's mission will be two-fold. First, it will seek out and engage the campus community's views, to get feedback on proposals so we have a plan best suited to Chatham's needs and opportunities; and it will share its work and progress with the campus community.

The Steering Committee will work closely and in tandem with five Board Task Forces (Access & Affordability, Eden Hall and Sustainability, Growth & Capacity, International, and Online Education), each chaired by a Trustee, that will play important roles in the planning process. The Steering Committee will also work closely with the President's Cabinet, which includes the University's senior leadership.

We will be in touch with the campus community early next semester with more details on the process and ways in which you can share your thoughts, the work in progress, and early iterations of the strategic plan. Until then, and on behalf of the Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees, I wish each of you and your families the very best for the holidays and the new year!

David Finegold

Campus Representatives


Debbie Delong, Associate Professor of Marketing
Iris Grossman, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Technology
Joe Schreiber, Professor and Program Director, Physical Therapy


Isaiah Brown, Undergraduate (Communications)
Jacy Clark '16, Graduate (Masters of Occupational Therapy)
Alyson Fearon, Graduate (Masters of Science in Sustainability)


Alberta Certo, Assessment Coordinator
Kate Emory, International Student Service Coordinator
Krista Terpack, Sr. Graphic Designer


Pam Bradley '70, President, Chatham University Alumni Association
Kristin DeLuca '02, Development Officer, Honors College, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Instructor, School of Education

Board of Trustee Representatives from the Board Task Forces

Pamela Bradley '70, International Education
Brooks Broadhurst, Growth & Capacity
Jane Burger '66, Access & Affordability
Sigo Falk, Eden Hall and Sustainability
Jane Murphy '68, Online & Continuing Education
Jennifer Potter '66, Chair, Board of Trustees

President's Cabinet

Amy Becher, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Bill Campbell, Vice President of Marketing & Communication
Sean Coleman, Vice President of Planning
Pat Downey, Dean, School of Health Sciences
David Finegold, President
Kevin Fortwendel, Vice President of Advancement
Walt Fowler, Sr. Vice President of Business & Finance
Darlene Motley, Dean, School of Arts, Science and Business
Jenna Templeton, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Leonard Trevino, Director of Athletics
Zauyah Waite, Vice President of Student Affairs
Peter Walker, Dean, Falk School of Environment & Sustainability