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About Mary Jo Geyer, William Benter and the Benter Initiative at Chatham University

About Chatham University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Chatham University’s entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is a clinical doctorate degree designed to prepare its graduates for practice in physical therapy at the successful completion of seven terms of study. The DPT program stresses clinical decision-making through the study of patient problems typically encountered in the clinical setting. The problem-based learning curriculum presents physical therapy in an integrated manner organized around body systems. The curriculum stresses the importance of evidence-based practice and professionalism throughout the student's learning experience.


About Mary Jo Geyer

Dr. Mary Jo Geyer has been assistant professor of physical therapy at Chatham University since 2005. She earned her BSPT and Ph.D. in rehabilitation science from the University of Pittsburgh and her B.S. in Health & Physical Education and her M.S. in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pa.

Dr. Geyer’s areas of interest include lower extremity wound and lymphedema prevention and management, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab, and cross-cultural and international service-learning. She is a Fellow of the College of Certified Wound Specialists; Board Certified Lymphedema Therapist of the Lymphology Association of North America; Board Certified Wound Specialist of the American Academy of Wound Management; Board Certified Pedorthist of the Board for Certification in Pedorthics; and certified teacher with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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About William Benter

After a career in high technology entrepreneurial software development, Bill Benter executed his vision of creating a leading outsourced medical transcription organization with the inception of Acusis in 2001. The large network of clients and transcriptionists within Acusis contribute to the continued software and people excellence that puts Acusis in a category of its own, providing medical transcription services with Higher Standards. In addition to his Chairman responsibilities, Mr. Benter’s role as International CEO allows him to focus on providing strategic direction with regards to international development activities. This ensures Acusis software and hardware systems deliver world-class performance.

Mr. Benter was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied at Case Western Reserve, University of Bristol (England), and the University of Pittsburgh. He is an enthusiastic and long-term Rotary Club member who follows the Rotary model of “Service above Self.”

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About the Benter Initiative at Chatham University

The Benter Initiative for Global Citizenship enables Chatham University faculty and students to collaborate on and develop programs that encourage experiential learning, international citizenship and greater awareness of global issues through active participation in other cultures. The Benter Initiative for Global Citizenship was established in 2006 through a $1 million gift from William Benter, chairman and international CEO of Acusis Medical Transcription Services and son of Chatham alumna Dorothy Firth Benter, Class of 1945.

With global engagement as a key component of its mission, Chatham University worked in concert with Mr. Benter to create a program that would promote social responsibility and participatory citizenship among its students. Grants will be awarded to faculty members who will work with undergraduate or graduate students in experiential learning projects that promote engagement across cultures.

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