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Michael H. Finewood Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Geography and Sustainability, Falk School of Sustainability

Hometown : Charlotte, NC
Joined Chatham : 2011

Academic Areas of Interest

Political ecology, human geography, environmental geography, urban sustainability, water, climate change, and environmental governance.


Michael Finewood is a human geographer and political ecologist with research and teaching interests in environmental governance, water, climate change, and urban sustainability, with explicit attention to critical geographies and justice. He earned a Ph.D. in Human Geography from the University of South Carolina, where he trained as a social scientist who works on human/environmental issues. Over his career Dr. Finewood’s interests have focused on environmental perception, expertise, and decision-making, with attention to water resources and urbanization. He has conducted research on the social and ecological impacts of coastal development in South Carolina, hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania, and sea level rise in Virginia. Currently his work centers on two projects: stormwater governance in Pittsburgh and the relationship between food production & climate change.