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Michael H. Finewood Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Geography and Sustainability, Falk School of Sustainability

Hometown : Charlotte, NC
Joined Chatham : 2011

Academic Areas of Interest

Political ecology, economic geography, critical theory, sustainability, water, climate change, environmental governance, and spatial analysis.


Michael Finewood is a human geographer and political ecologist with research and teaching interests in environmental governance, water, and sustainability in the Global North, with explicit attention to critical geographies and justice. As a social scientist who focuses on human/environment issues, Dr. Finewood uses qualitative methods to research environmental perception and decision-making in a range of contexts. He has conducted research on the social and ecological impacts of coastal development in South Carolina, sea level rise in Virginia, and the water-energy nexus in Pennsylvania. His current work centers on urban stormwater governance in Pittsburgh and perceptions of climate change in western PA.