Chatham University

Food, Farm & Field Curriculum

In this course, students learn about the relationship among food, farm, and environment through a two week, immersive program. Learning takes place through readings, films, lectures, demonstrations, field trips, and on-farm and kitchen experiences in research and production problems. Activities will include presentations on specific topics given by invited specialists, group discussions on assigned readings, hands-on lab and field activities, individual and group presentations, field trips to local farms, and reflection through writing, video, and photography.


Sample Day

Sample Day:
Agroculture at the Farm
Sample Field Trip Day:
Farm to table connection
Breakfast discussion: What is Agroecology?
Concepts and management in agroecology: Learn about the farm and its surroundings as natural habitats, and why does it matter for a sustainable future.

Field Experience: Growing Sustainably at EHC
Students will alternate working on the farm and recording the farming experience.


Readings: Lecture and Discussion
Dana Jackson, The Farm as Natural Habitat; Jack Kloppenberg, "Coming into the Foodshed"; excerpt from Farming in Nature's Image; and Wendell Berry, "The Pleasures of Eating"

Afternoon Discussion: What is Sustainability?

Afternoon Break: Swimming

Reflection: Video, Photographic, and Written Blogs

Dinner and a movie
Working Visit: Work at Churchview Farm
Participate in "Digital Salad" class -

Restaurant Visit: E2 for Lunch and Discussion
How do we get local and organic products into more places?

Afternoon: Marty's Market Tour and Fair Trade 101 Visit La Prima Coffee Roaster

Dinner: A Collectively Prepared Dinner from the Field Visit

Movie (Optional)