Chatham University

Key Personnel

Kelsey Sheridan, Program Coordinator

Kelsey Sheridan Food, Farm, and Field Summer Program Coordinator

Kelsey hails from Minnesota, but moved to Pittsburgh in fall 2012 for the Food Studies Master Program. She has worked at various camps, coordinated youth programs, served as head residential assistant at Beloit College, and was a chocolate expert in Minneapolis for the past 3 years. Kelsey's volunteer work has traversed her around the globe, including advocating on behalf of a farmer-owned chocolate company in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She has a multi-faceted interest in food and environmental issues, and excited to join the Food, Farm, and Field staff this summer!

Johanna Klotz, Instructor

Kelsey Sheridan Food, Farm, and Field Summer Program Coordinator

Johanna Klotz has never strayed far from rivers. First, born not far from the Connecticut, next the Hudson, then darting south along the Delaware, and now is surrounded by three in Pittsburgh, PA. Her time in Pittsburgh has been spent connecting people to food in one way or another: food retail, farm work, cooking for friends and studying food systems and sustainability at Chatham University where she received her Masters in Arts of Food Studies. Currently, she works as a strategist at Marty's Market, a small, independently owned market, café and coffee bar in the historic Strip District. There, she educates employees, customers and community members on all things food—from cover crops to access issues to unique foods not found anywhere else in the city. She oversees much of the sourcing for the market, including small vendors and local farmers

Beth Taylor, Instructor

Beth Taylor

A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, I came to Chatham's Master of Arts in Food Studies Program after a career in the field of Child Development and most recently as a full-time mother who continually held part time work in a variety of capacities. Throughout my professional and personal lives, food has always played an important role. Working with special needs children and their families in a variety of settings, I always incorporated food activities into my programming. On the home front, I continually strive to expand my culinary skills and have always derived pleasure from providing meals for friends and families. In both settings, I recognized the power of cooking and sharing meals as a force that facilitates connections between those who are involved. Chatham's Food Studies program has enhanced my skills by providing me with knowledge about our food system worldwide and the importance of making healthy, sustainable food choices. Professionally, I'm interested in developing programming for children and families to encourage healthy food choices and cooking at home using fresh ingredients.

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