Chatham University

Programs of Study

Programs offered:

Intensive English Program

Non-credit English language study.

The ELP offers intensive instruction in 4 levels. Students take courses in Listening/ Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and/ or American Culture. Chatham ELP students enjoy full integration into the vibrant campus life at Chatham by living with students from the U.S. and other countries.

Fall/Spring Term

Basic 20 hours/ week
14 weeks
Low Intermediate 20 hours/ week
14 weeks
Intermediate 20 hours/ week
14 weeks
Advanced A & Advanced B 20 hours/ week
14 weeks

Summer Term

Basic 23 hours/ week
10 weeks
Low Intermediate 23 hours/ week
10 weeks
Intermediate 23 hours/ week
10 weeks
Advanced C 23 hours/ week
10 weeks

Degree Students

The ELP offers rigorous English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes to nonnative English speaking (NNES) degree students who need additional language support. Students combine enrollment in EAP courses with mainstream academic coursework.

English Placement Test

Undergraduate students

Just like native English speaking students, who need to take placement tests in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing skills upon arrival on campus, all NNES undergraduate students are required to take placement tests in English proficiency along with Mathematics during new student orientation. The ELP then recommends EAP courses based on the student’s placement test scores. Just like U.S. American students who earn credits and meet general education requirements by taking foreign language courses, NNES undergraduate students earn credits towards their degree and meet Chatham general requirements by taking EAP courses.

Graduate students

Depending on the students’ TOEFL or IELTS scores, graduate students may be required to take an English placement test upon arrival. Recommendation of what language course(s) students need to take is determined by the students’ TOEFL or IELTS scores, their performance on the placement exam, and specific requirements from their graduate programs.

Short-Term Customized Thematic Programs

Custom English language and culture programs are offered to local and overseas institutions, businesses and communities as needed. These programs can be as short as two weeks and are theme-based such as Language and Sustainability, Pittsburgh Architecture and Culture, Peace and Conflict from North America Perspectives, Women and Politics in the U.S., etc.

Customized Professional English Programs

The workplace is becoming more and more global, and businesses need to expand beyond their geographical boundaries and work in an international environment, thus demanding the employees to conduct their business in English. At Chatham, The English Language Program (ELP) has developed a framework to work with companies and government agencies to design customized programs that meet their needs.

With this understanding, the English Language Program at Chatham will work with you to design your desired program:

  • English for specific professions, such as English for Business and English for Medical Professions
  • Opportunities for networking and job shadowing with local businesses, and private and government agencies
  • Flexible program length and activities to meet specific needs

Example: A three week program for business professionals with workshops on English for Business, lectures from business faculty, and job shadowing at local organizations and businesses

Studying Part-Time

Part-time students can take a combination of courses at their appropriate level. Other activities and services are designed specifically for this group of students.