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Tax Information for International Students at Chatham University

International Students at Chatham who worked during the 2017 calendar year (January 1- December 31, 2017) are required to file federal, state (e.g. PA) and local (e.g. Pittsburgh) taxes. This year taxes are due by April 15th.

All students and dependents are required to file the form 8843. The form 8843 is due by June 15th. We recommend your mail this form by April 15th.

Form 8843 Form 8843 Instructions Required for all F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2 - even if you did not work
1040NR-EZ 1040NR-EZ Instructions Federal tax form for nonresidents who worked in 2017

You are only required to file one of these forms. Please pay attention to the location it needs to be sent. Please read instructions to determine which form you need to fill out.

1040NR 1040NR Instructions Federal tax form for nonresidents who worked in 2017
PA-40 PA-40 Instructions Required if you lived in PA for part of the year and earned income You can also file online.

Mail with tax forms a copy of 1040NR or 1040NREZ

Taxpayer final Return 70 (replaces PGH-40) Instructions included with form Required if you lived in Pittsburgh for part or all of the year and earned income Mail tax form with a copy of visa, copy of I-94/I-94 print off, copy of PA-40.

1040NR and 1040NREZ forms cannot be e-filed. Students may qualify for e-filing of state and/or local taxes. Please check the state and local tax websites for additional information.

Please make sure to make copies of all documents before mailing

For more information about taxes and international students, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

***Please note, the Office of International Affairs does not provide tax advice. Please contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a non-resident tax specialist for information about your individual case. Please note the university is not liable for any of the information provided above.***