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Chatham University
Master of Arts in Psychology

The Chatham University Master of Arts in Psychology degree is a 36 credit hour degree that provides graduate level education and training in psychology. The mission of the MA in Psychology degree is to provide women and men a foundation in the study of human behavior and skills for working with people. Graduates of the MA in Psychology program are able to use their understanding of psychological science and theories to further their professional careers in many ways, including work in research settings, in human service, health, or educational organizations, and in doctoral programs in psychology. Students also benefit from the rich and stimulating environment of Chatham University.

Chatham's MA in Psychology program offers small classes with individualized attention, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, opportunities to conduct research, and activities fostering leadership skill. The program emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, self-awareness, attention to socio-cultural diversity, application of knowledge, and both collaborative and independent work. The degree does not provide the education needed for licensure as a psychologist or counselor.

In addition to the core graduate courses in psychology, the MA in Psychology degree offers the following areas of focus:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Science and Theories

The MA in Psychology program welcomes qualified students from diverse backgrounds and areas of study.