Chatham University

MFA Creative Writing
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Jim Coppoc
Adjunct Faculty Member

Hometown : Ames, IA
Joined Chatham : 2007

Academic Areas of Interest

Poetry, drama, playwriting, theater, Slam, Spoken Word, The Oral Tradition, hip hop, American Indian Studies, Latino Studies, ethnic studies, multicultural studies, intercultural studies, literature, nonfiction, pedagogy, technology, new media, the beat generation, American counterculture

Personal Areas of Interest

parenting, art, music, travel, hiking, people

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Jim Coppoc makes his living through some murky but evolving balance of poetry, pedagogy, playwriting and performance. In addition to his long history on the slam stage, Coppoc has recently been getting a lot of good attention from the literary world, with 4 Pushcart nominations last year alone. Coppoc teaches English and American Indian Studies at Iowa State University, and lives in Ames, Iowa with his wife and two sons.