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Landscape Management (MLM) Faculty and Staff

Joel Perkovich

Joel Perkovich
Adjunct Faculty
Hometown : Pittsburgh, PA
Joined Chatham : 2008

Academic Areas of Interest

The restoration of ecosystem services in the built environment -green roofs, living walls, natural areas restoration, public green space -and researching how to maximize beauty and biodiversity in these applications.

Personal Areas of Interest

being outdoors, art, sports, fun


  • BA Environmental Sociology, Pennsylvania State University (2002)
  • MLA, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment (2007)



  • Christy Johnson Travel Scholarship
  • The Survivorship of Native MI Plants in Green Roofs
  • Matthaei Research Grant, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor, MI


  • 3 Rivers Wet Weather Stormwater Advisory Panel
  • Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
  • Community Design Center of Pittsburgh -RenPlan consultant