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Patricia Downey PT, PhD, DPT

Patricia Downey
Professor, Dean for the School of Health Sciences
Hometown : Detroit, Michigan
Joined Chatham : 1994

Academic Areas of Interest

Orthopedic physical therapy, Women's health physical therapy, Osteoporosis

Personal Areas of Interest

Fitness, Travel, Spending time with my family, Craft beers, Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball


Dr Downey has been a licensed physical therapist for over 30 years specializing in orthopedics and women's health. She has been on faculty at Chatham since 1994 and physical therapy program director from 2005-2014. She became the inaugural Dean for the School of Health Sciences in 2014. She has an advanced masters degree in orthopedic physical therapy and was a certified orthopedic clinical specialist for 20 years. She also has a PhD in physical anthropology with an emphasis in functional anatomy and morphology.


  • Transitional DPT, Chatham University, 2008
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2004: Physical Anthropology;
  • MS, University of Pittsburgh 1988: Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy;
  • BS West Virginia University, 1980: Physical Therapy


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  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist 1994-2012


  • “MaryLou Barnes Award for Distinguished Professional Service”: 2013 Alumni Award presented to an alumnus of West Virginia University Physical Therapy Program for a distinguished career.
  • "Given-Heinz Professorship” Chatham University 2006-2009 (Awarded to 'a superior person in a major field of study,' the purpose being to strengthen the educational program of the University and to attract eminent teachers)


  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association; Member of the Orthopedic, Education and Women's Health Sections of the APTA


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