Chatham University

Biology Faculty and Staff

Michael Habib Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Hometown : Baltimore, MD
Joined Chatham : 2009

Academic Areas of Interest

Biomechanics, Animal Flight, Biomimetics/Bioinspiration, Paleontology, and Anatomy

Personal Areas of Interest

Kung Fu, Illustration, Orchids, Inline Skating, and Backpacking


I am originally from Baltimore, MD. I completed my B.A. and M.S. work at the University of Virginia, and my Ph.D. work at Johns Hopkins. My academic interests fall mostly in the realm of anatomy, biomechanics, and comparative zoology. I am particularly interested in flight biomechanics, and have focused recently on the flight abilities of giant Late Cretaceous pterosaurs, which were the largest flying animals of all time. I also work on problems related to the flight performance and skeletal reinforcement of living birds and bats. Outside of academia, I involve myself in Kung Fu training, as well as inline skating, illustration, and orchid growing.