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Chatham University Biology

We are now living in the “Age of Biology.” The discipline of biology spans the spectrum from unlocking the secrets of the gene at the molecular level to providing the knowledge to help solve global environmental problems.

A Chatham University Biology degree prepares you for work in the field or graduate and professional programs through its emphasis on hands-on activities and skills required for continued learning. We offer a wide selection of courses satisfying the requirements for a B.A. degree or a B.S. degree in biology, or for a minor in botany. Biology courses also support majors in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Environmental Studies
  • Exercise Science

If you want to teach, you can receive secondary education certification through the biology program at Chatham University.

Students majoring in biology may join the Biology Club, and apply for membership in Beta Beta Beta national honor society.

S-STEM scholarship program

Chatham University is participating in an exciting scholarship program open to undergraduate women majoring in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. In addition to any other merit aid or financial help, the S-STEM scholarship program awards each eligible student a scholarship of up to $10,000 per year for four years of study. Learn more.