Chatham University

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Bruce Rosenthal MBA, Ph.D.

Bruce Rosenthal
Program Director/Chair Business Programs
Hometown : Newark, NJ
Joined Chatham : 2009

Academic Areas of Interest

Studying international business, especially regarding cultural interaction; studying how healthcare systems approach modern 'culture-bound syndromes'.

Personal Areas of Interest

I have been painting (acrylic on canvas) on a regular basis since my undergraduate days, have had exhibitions of my work in galleries in Asia and Europe and have sold quite a few pieces . I continue to paint and also have an interest in the art, architecture and the general culture of Europe (especially France) and Asia (especially Japan). I love all kinds of music - from Mozart to female-fronted goth metal bands.


I have had a long and varied career - ranging from fine arts to international business; from working in major corporations on Wall Street to running my own business from a tiny village in Crete. I speak Japanese fluently and French and Greek amazingly badly. I have lived and worked abroad for close to twenty years - 12 in Japan and 8 in Europe and have done business with a variety of people on a variety of levels. My interests have always concentrated on international business, and I have successfully done multi-million dollar business deals in Japan, and trained American businesspeople to do that as well. I have a BFA from Syracuse University (back when the Saltine Warrior was the mascot!) concentrating on illustration and an MBA from Rutgers University in international business. I have a PhD in health policy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where I also taught Business Strategy, Leadership, International Business and other courses and was the Director of the MBA program for six years.


  • BFA - Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 1974
  • MBA - Rutgers University, Newark NJ 1986
  • Ph.D., University of the Sciences (Philadelphia, PA) 2012


  • 2005 The Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry Product Management Today March Vol. 16 No. 3
  • 2004 The Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Product Management Today December Vol. 16 No. 12
  • 2004 Understanding How Drugs Get Into Circulation: Information Channels and Influence Product Management Today January Vol. 15 No. 1
  • 2004 Who are the Early New Drug Adopters? The Importanceof Company Trust for First-in-Class Drugs Product Management Today May Vol. 15 No. 5
  • 2004 Leadership and the Future in the Pharmaceutical Industry Product Management Today September Vol. 15 No. 9
  • 2004 Demographics, Practices, and Prescribing Characteristics of Physicians who are Early Adopters Pharmacy and Therapeutics November Vol. 29 No. 11


  • Stigma in Disability in the West - Lecture at Hosei University 7/08; Tokyo Japan
  • Health Care in the U.S. After Obama - Lecture at Tokyo University 1/09, Tokyo Japan
  • Leadership and the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry - Lecture at Tokyo University 8/08, Tokyo Japan