Chatham University

Creative Writing Curriculum

Additional Requirements for the Master’s degree
The student will complete the MFA (additional 30 credits) with the following courses:
ENG 585
Travel Writing
3 Credits
This course focuses on the art and craft of travel writing. Students will read and study contemporary travel writing, and will be expected to generate creative work that illustrates a deep understanding of the literary tools available to writers in this genre.
ENG 678
Field Placement
3 Credits
During this course, taken in one of the final semesters of the M.F.A., students teach/study in a supervised field placement and practice the pedagogy of creative writing in a working classroom.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 514 and ENG 515
2 Content Courses (6)
3 Writing Workshops (9)
1 Elective in MFA or area outside of the English Department, with permission of program director (3)
Master’s Thesis (6)
This five-year plan for BFA and MFA assumes that students will complete course work during the summer, fall and spring of their fifth year.