Chatham University

Creative Writing Curriculum

Professional Writing Minor Requirements
Designed for students who wish to develop their writing skills to a professional level. Completion of this program prepares students for the changing requirements of the workplace in a variety of fields, including education, science, the web, advertising and public relations, grant writing, technical writing, political communication, and speech writing.

5 courses from the following list:
COM 141
Media Literacy
3 Credits
This course familiarizes students with some of the possibilities digital technology offers for the manipulation of still images, sound, and motion pictures. Students become proficient with the Macintosh system as they discover how computers are radically changing the way image makers create and present their work. Cross-listed as ART 141.

Additional Fee(s): Applied art fee.
COM 234
3 Credits
This course explores rhetorical and experimental studies of persuasion. It introduces the student to research in the field and critically examines some of the techniques developed in "selling" products, politics, and culture. It also examines the ethical considerations relevant to these techniques.
COM 251
News Writing and Editing
3 Credits
This production based course introduces students to reporting, structuring and writing print news stories. Students are assigned to cover weekly events and topics in the Pittsburgh area, thus gaining a sense of how news judgment and media ethics are applied to actual reporting assignments.
COM 260
Practical Public Relations
3 Credits
Students learn the theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence public opinion and behavior through socially responsible performance and mutually satisfactory communication. The course emphasizes research, design, production, and writing public relations media, including news releases, features, pamphlets, brochures, financial statements, management reports, scripts, scenarios, and publicity. Students will analyze case histories presented by professional practitioners; appraise success and failure factors; and explore new concepts and developing trends.
COM 331
Writing for Film and Emerging Media Arts
3 Credits
This course focuses on content writing for film and emerging media creative projects. Theory and practice are intentionally intermingled to demonstrate the mixture of intellectual context and intuition with which the writer works. Students learn how to imagine, write and produce a project that illustrates innovations in story development. Cross-listed as FDT 331.
COM 371
Speech Writing
3 Credits
This course gives students the confidence and skills to write speeches that will inform and captivate their audiences. With an interactive format taking students through a variety of techniques that will improve their writing skills, this course also offers the opportunity for specific skills to be learned, including grabbing your audience--writing great openings; how to structure your speeches; communicating technical information and facts; and writing a great finish.
ENG 241
Business Writing
3 Credits
Business writing is designed to help students write clearly and effectively about a variety of subjects for specific audiences. Through actual writing practice and discussions of readings, a number of important issues are addressed, such as targeting an audience, determining methods of organization, and developing a flexible style.