Chatham University

Learning Outcomes

A student successfully completing the program will learn the following:

  1. Genre and form
    1. Student understands distinctions between genres and forms (basic)
    2. Student can recognize and define a variety of forms and genres (proficient)
    3. Student can write in a variety of forms and genres (mastery)
    4. Students can maximize relationship between meaning and form/genre (advanced)

  2. Metaphor
    1. Student can define metaphor
    2. Student can recognize and discuss metaphor at work in the writings of others
    3. Student can create and employ metaphor in her own work
    4. Student can articulate orally and on paper how metaphor works in her own writing, and that of published writers, to ensure strong BFA tutorial introduction and sense of self as writer.

  3. Revision
    1. Student understands the need to revise multiple times before a piece is ready or even moderately good
    2. Student can apply strategies and techniques learned in class for successful revision
    3. Student can help her peers in their revision efforts, thereby contributing to the workshop experience
    4. Student can articulate her process of revision orally and on paper to ensure strong BFA tutorial introduction and sense of self as writer

  4. Voice
    1. Student understands the concept of voice
    2. Student sometimes writes in a voice that is recognizable, and consciously works toward controlling voice, both her own and that of her characters
    3. Student has developed her own voice as a writer, and recognizes literary influence on her writing
    4. Student has developed own voice, and can extend it to other characters or personae, without losing plausibility

  5. Design (Arc—flow—plot)
    1. Student can recognize direction/design in a piece
    2. Student can plot a simple story or arc the direction of a piece of creative nonfiction
    3. Student can see specific craft decisions beneath an organic appearance
    4. Student can create a plot line which arrives through the characters’ personalities/dilemmas

Chatham University Creative Writing (B.F.A.)

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