Chatham University

English Curriculum

6 courses, including:
2 content courses in English:
ENG207 British Writers I
A critical and historical approach to major writers in English during the Anglo-Saxon, medieval, and Renaissance periods, including such representative authors as the Beowulf poet, Chaucer, Spenser, Shake-speare, Donne, and Milton.
3 Credits
ENG216 American Writers I
A study of cultural and literary developments in America, beginning with the Puritans and culminating with the writers of the American Renaissance: Emerson, Thoreau, Douglass, Hawthorne, and Melville.
3 Credits
3 writing-as-subject courses above the 100 level:
ENG241 Business Writing
Business writing is designed to help students write clearly and effectively about a variety of subjects for specific audiences. Through actual writing practice and discussions of readings, a number of important issues are addressed, such as targeting an audience, determining methods of organization, and developing a flexible style.
3 Credits
COM251 News Writing and Editing
This production based course introduces students to reporting, structuring and writing print news stories. Students are assigned to cover weekly events and topics in the Pittsburgh area, thus gaining a sense of how news judgment and media ethics are applied to actual reporting assignments.
3 Credits
COM260 Practical Public Relations
Students learn the theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence public opinion and behavior through socially responsible performance and mutually satisfactory communication. The course emphasizes research, design, production, and writing public relations media, including news releases, features, pamphlets, brochures, financial statements, management reports, scripts, scenarios, and publicity. Students will analyze case histories presented by professional practitioners; appraise success and failure factors; and explore new concepts and developing trends.
3 Credits
1 300-level or above writing-as-subject course:
ENG355 Advanced Writing and Stylistics
This is an advanced writing class which concentrates on style, meaning, and effect. It is designed for upper-level students, and emphasizes the skills of writing more effective sentences, paragraphs and essays. The course focuses on writing academic papers, applications, proposals, and personal statements across the disciplines in appropriate formats.
3 Credits
COM360 Advanced Public Relations
Application of principles and methods to intensive analysis of public relations problems, decision making, programming, and evaluation in simulated staff and agency organization. The course emphasizes the principles and practices of public relations as a basic component in the promotion and marketing of goods and services; regulatory considerations; and consumerism. The following topics may be covered, depending on student interest: public relations in entertainment, including films, broadcasting, music, expositions, amusement parks, resorts, and arenas; developing, managing, and evaluating campaigns designed to reach niche audiences segmented by culture, lifestyle, and other factors; and sports information and promotion, including lectures, media assignments, role-playing, and presentations by sports professionals. Prerequisite(s): COM 260
3 Credits