Chatham University

Environmental Studies Faculty and Staff

Mary Whitney
Director, University Sustainability

Hometown : Pittsburgh, PA

Academic Areas of Interest

Organizational and institutional change, renewable energy policy, environmental studies, informal environmental education, sustainability, collaboratives.


Mary Whitney has spent the last 15 years in environmental education, working primarily with citizens, teachers and their students. As sustainability director for Chatham’s campuses, she leads collaboration on sustainability practices at the university, works to help Chatham meet its carbon neutrality goals, and teaches environmental studies and civic engagement. Dr. Whitney is one of the founders of GEM, the Green Education movement, a professional support and education organization for environmental education practitioners in Pittsburgh. She holds a doctorate in Sustainability Education from Prescott College, a Master of Public Policy and Management from the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, and is a graduate of Chatham College for Women at Chatham University.