Chatham University

Film and Digital Technology Curriculum

Emerging Media Arts Concentration:
FDT 350
Intermediate Digital Video Production
3 Credits
Students will utilize the nonlinear editing software program Final Cut Pro to examine methods of production and related theories involved in achieving structure in film and video. By conceptually dissecting and practically applying techniques such as splicing, transitional effects, and other editing processes, students will render sophisticated projects which are conscious of how the edit structures film and by doing so becomes another creative and technical layer for study. Cross-listed as ART 350.

Prerequisite(s): ART141 and FDT250
FDT 364
Web Design II: inferface + Structure
3 Credits
This course focuses on advanced methods of net art and web design. The student broadens her technical understanding of web-based software programs and practices. Students render highly complex Internet works, which arise from conversations that critically analyze the Internet as a tool for political, social, and personal expression. Creative projects cohesively demonstrate technical and innovative aesthetic practices with strong conceptual and artistic integration.

Prerequisite(s): ART 141, FDT 261 or permission of instructor
FDT 369
Interactive Strategies
3 Credits
This course allows advanced students to explore interactive, networked, and convergent media realities. Students learn to strategize projects that take into consideration the impact of designed, cultural interfaces on human experience. Students are exposed to a variety of projects and exhibitions, along with contemporary theoretical discourses in new media. How can students take advantage of the new possibilities that nonlinear forms evoke? Projects could include online interactive narratives, experimental DVD authoring, and interactive installations, among others.

Prerequisite(s): ART 141, FDT 261 or permission of instructor
FDT 421
Digital Animation and Compositing
3 Credits
This production course provides an introduction to computer animation and visual effects. Stuents learn the principles, process, and philosophy of animation with a focus on the design and construction of environments, characters, and time-based motion. Students script, storyboard, design, and produce a short animated digital video. Cross-listed with ART 421.

Prerequisite(s): Art 141 and ART/FLM 250
FDT 471
Special Topics in Emerging Media Art
3 Credits
Students will engage in topic-specific explorations of the creative, conceptual, theoretical/historical and technical possibilities of e-merging media art practices in this upper-level course. The content and material of the course will depend on faculty areas of specialization. Topics may include: Reactive Media Environments, Networked Embodiment, Race/Class/Gender and the Internet, Information Politics.