Chatham University

Film and Digital Technology Curriculum

Emerging Media Arts Minor:
6 courses, including:
FDT 141
Media Literacy
3 Credits
This course familiarizes students with some of the possibilities digital technology offers for the manipulation of still images, sound, and motion pictures. Students become proficient with the Macintosh system as they discover how computers are radically changing the way image makers create and present their work. Cross listed as ART/COM 141.
FDT 206
Digital Sound Production
3 Credits
This class examines how to listen, experience, interpret, record, reproduce, mix and transform sounds into meaningful audioscapes. Sound artists, important film art examples, aural culture and sound reproduction histories and theories are presented to students so that they may understand sound dimensionally. Digital sound projects are distilled from hands-on technical and conceptual pursuits.

Prerequisite(s): Art 141 or permission of the instructor.

Additional Fee(s): Applied art fee.
CST 183
Representations of Race and Gender
3 Credits
This course introduces students to the methodology of cultural studies. In this survey students learn those skills essential to analyzing social constructions of identity. Specific attention is paid to diverse texts, including film, in order to locate how representations of race, gender, ethnicity, and "otherness" are culturally produced and disseminated.
FDT 160
World Film History
3 Credits
This course presents an overview of the history of film by focusing on key countries, both Western and non-Western, whose film industries have made important contributions to world cinema and/or whose filmmakers have pioneered important film movements. The course places film industries and movements in the context both of cinematic history and history of the societies in question.
FDT 250
Introduction to Digital Video Production
3 Credits
This course introduces the tools, technology, and techniques of digital video production. Students plans, script, manage, and produce videos using digital technologies. Along with the technical application, students will be exposed to the history of video as an artistic and instructional medium, as well as the relationship of digital video to film and television. The theoretical focus is on critiques of narrative construction. Cross-listed as ART 250.

Prerequisite(s): ART141
FDT 350
Intermediate Digital Video Production
3 Credits
Students will utilize the nonlinear editing software program Final Cut Pro to examine methods of production and related theories involved in achieving structure in film and video. By conceptually dissecting and practically applying techniques such as splicing, transitional effects, and other editing processes, students will render sophisticated projects which are conscious of how the edit structures film and by doing so becomes another creative and technical layer for study. Cross-listed as ART 350.

Prerequisite(s): ART141 and FDT250