Chatham University

Film and Digital Technology Faculty and Staff

David Walters
Adjunct Faculty
Hometown : Slippery Rock, PA

Academic Areas of Interest

Motion Graphics, Film making

Personal Areas of Interest

Art, Film, Horror


D. Max Walters is a filmmaker from western Pennsylvania; he has shown at the Future Tenant Gallery and the Lillian E. Jones Museum among other places. He has worked in corporate video and advertising for over 15 years, but has been surrounded by the performing arts all of his life. Having grown up backstage in a theater has instilled the directing bug in him. He has been teaching film, video, visual effects and motion graphics for the last 14 years at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Chatham University.


  • A.S.B. The Art Instutute of Pittsburgh. B.A. Slippery Rock University. M.F.A. Chatham University


  • Futue Tennent Gallery. "Do You Understand"