Chatham University

History Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Major Requirements
8 courses, including:
POL 311
The Research Process
3 Credits
This seminar is essential for students who both use and produce scholarly research. It examines both the process and products of scholarship in the social sciences, including the following: choice of topic, development of research questions or hypotheses, retrieval of sources, preparation of a literature review, choice of appropriate methodology, and consideration of research results.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or consent of the instructor.
2 courses from the following:
HIS 100
Introduction to World History
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to world history from the rise of civilization to the present. It establishes and compares major themes in the leading civilizations of today’s world. It investigates the development of the modern world system and interpretations of its impact on these civilizations.
HIS 102
History of American Society
3 Credits
This course examines significant areas in the development of American society from the Colonial period to the present. It focuses particularly on the issues of gender, class, race, religion, politics, and ideology to provide students with the grounding in those areas crucial to understanding today's society.
HIS 104
History of the Atlantic World
3 Credits
This course looks at the interactions of diverse peoples and the development of modern political and economic systems from a transnational and regional perspective. It provides a broad understanding of the history of the Atlantic region including the Americas, Europe, and Africa.
  • 2 courses concentrating in American, European or non-Western history
  • 1 300-level seminar
  • 2 program electives