Chatham University

History Faculty and Staff

Christina Michelmore
Professor Emerita of History

Hometown : Pittsburgh, PA

Academic Areas of Interest

Modern Middle East History, African History, World History, Arab Experience in America, and Historical and Contemporary Images of Muslims in the Western World


Dr. Christina Michelmore has a BA from Smith College and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, both in History. She is currently the chairperson of the History Department at Chatham College, a women's college in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Dr. Michelmore’s field of specialization is modern Middle Eastern history; she also teaches African and world history. Research interests include the Arab experience in America, and historical and contemporary images of Muslims in the Western world. Dr. Michelmore spent 6 years living and working in the Middle East – in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Pakistan. As part of Chatham's program of international study, she has led study tours to Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey. Dr. Michelmore is a frequent speaker on the historical background of current developments in the Middle East and the wider Muslim world. In 2006, the Pennsylvania Council for International Education awarded Dr. Michelmore the Outstanding International Educator Award.