Chatham University

International Studies Curriculum

Middle East Concentration Requirements
HIS 242
The Modern Middle East 1500-Present
3 Credits
After examining the forces shaping the modern Middle East, the course studies the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire, Western impact, and responses to it. Origins and development of nation-states, Arab search for independence and political community, the struggle for Palestine, inter-Arab rivalry. and the prospects for future stability also are examined.
HIS 241
History of Islam
3 Credits
This course is a historical examination of classical Islamic civilization: its origins, nature, and development. Special attention is given to the religion of Islam and the contributions of Arabs, Persians, and Turks to Islamic civilization. Cross-listed as REL 241.
REL 252
History of Judaism
3 Credits
A survey of the development of Jewish religious ideas from Biblical to modern times and an examination of the impact of these ideas on the Western heritage. This course is funded by the Jewish Chautauqua Society of New York.
ISP 402
Special Topics in Middle Eastern Studies
3 Credits
Special topics courses for International Studies are given on a year-by-year basis, depending on student needs and staffing availability. They are taught in a seminar format and are designed to facilitate student research on the specific focus of the class.
CST 301
Cultural Representations
3 Credits
No description available.
Arabic (or other approved Middle Eastern language) through the intermediate level