Chatham University

International Studies Curriculum

Africa Concentration Requirements
HIS 244
Africa, Past and Present
3 Credits
This course is an interdisciplinary examination of the problems and promises of African development. It investigates the historical development of pre-independence society, culture, political institutions, and economic structures, and their interaction with post-independent economic problems and development strategies.
HIS 283
Religious Movements in Contemporary Africa
3 Credits
No description available.
ECN 358
Economic Development
3 Credits
An examination of the economic and non-economic factors accounting for the economic growth and development of modern economically developed nations and less-developed areas of the world. A review of the problems encountered in initiating and sustaining the process of economic development. Various theories of economic development and major policy issues are discussed.

Prerequisite(s): ECN 101 or 102
ISP 403
Special Topics in African Studies
3 Credits
Special topics courses for International Studies are given on a year-by-year basis, depending on strudent needs and staffing availability. They are taught in a seminar format and are designed to facilitate student research on the specific focus of the class.
CST 301
Cultural Representations
3 Credits
No description available.
Approved African language through the intermediate level