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International Studies Curriculum

Latin America Requirements
HIS 243
History of Latin American
3 Credits
This course explores the history and culture of Latin America, a region which includes Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. We will examine the region’s indigenous civilizations, European conquest and colonization, independence movements, and social and political trends since independence. The class will consider the complex relationships between the U.S. and the nations of Latin America through the and nineteenth centuries as well as the interplay of issues of class, race and gender.
HIS 319
Latin American in the 20th Century
3 Credits
This class is a selective survey of Latin American history from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Issues studied include: Latin America in the global economy, relations between Latin America and the U.S., dictatorships and democracies in the twentieth century, African and Indigenous cultures, feminism and gender, revolutions in Mexico, Cuba, and Central America, and the unfinished search for an "authentic" Latin American identity.
ECN 358
Economic Development
3 Credits
An examination of the economic and non-economic factors accounting for the economic growth and development of modern economically developed nations and less-developed areas of the world. A review of the problems encountered in initiating and sustaining the process of economic development. Various theories of economic development and major policy issues are discussed.

Prerequisite(s): ECN 101 or 102
ISP 404
Special Topics in Latin American Studies
3 Credits
Special topics courses for International Studies are given on a year-by-year basis, depending on strudent needs and staffing availability. They are taught in a seminar format and are designed to facilitate student research on the specific focus of the class.
CST 301
Cultural Representations
3 Credits
No description available.
Spanish or other approved language through intermediate level