Chatham University

Political Science Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Major Requirements
8 courses, exclusive of the tutorial:
POL 100
Introduction to Comparative Politics
3 Credits
Introduction to politics, policies, and political institutions outside of the United States. Includes concepts such as electoral systems, party systems, parliamentary and presidential systems, democratization, and political change in both Western and non-Western settings.
POL 101
American Government and Public Policy
3 Credits
An examination of the major processes and institutions of American government with comparisons to Canadian government and the economic, social welfare, and environmental policies that these processes and institutions produce.
POL 311
The Research Process
3 Credits
This seminar is essential for students who both use and produce scholarly research. It examines both the process and products of scholarship in the social sciences, including the following: choice of topic, development of research questions or hypotheses, retrieval of sources, preparation of a literature review, choice of appropriate methodology, and consideration of research results.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing or consent of the instructor.
  • 5 political science electives, which may include one approved 3-credit political science-related internship.