Chatham University

Political Science Faculty and Staff

Lou Martin Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History; Chair, History/Political Science

Hometown : New Cumberland, WV
Joined Chatham : 2008

Academic Areas of Interest

U.S. history, labor and working-class history, and Latin American history.


Lou Martin, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of History at Chatham University. He offers several history courses in American, Latin American history, African American, and labor and working-class history. His research interests include labor, working-class politics, Appalachian history and culture, and twentieth century political economy. He has researched workers in the steel and pottery industries in West Virginia and published multiple works on the steel industry of West Virginia. He has presented at the North American Labor History Conference, the Working-Class Studies Association Conference, and the Appalachian Studies Association Conference. Originally from West Virginia, he earned his B.A. from West Virginia University, his M.A. from Carnegie Mellon University, and his Ph.D. from West Virginia University.