Chatham University

Psychology Curriculum

Minor Requirements
6 courses, including:
PSY 101
General Psychology
3 Credits
An introduction to the scientific study of behavior with an emphasis on the origins of behavior, learning, social influences, physiological factors, individual differences, personality, and adjustment and maladjustment.
PSY 213
Statistics and Research Design
3 Credits
This course is designed to introduce students to essential research tools. Topics include frequency distributions, indices of central tendency, variability, and various inferential statistics, including nonparametric techniques. This course also examines research design procedures with an emphasis on analysis of variance. Priority given to psychology, social work and forensics majors.

Prerequisite(s): PSY 101
PSY 214
Foundations of Behavioral Research
4 Credits
This course examines the scientific method employed by psychologists. Topics include sampling, validity and reliability, experimentation, and field research. Students also conduct laboratory assignments on areas within learning, cognition, and social psychology.

Prerequisite(s): PSY 101 and 213 or permission of the instructor.
  • 2 additional, approved 300-level courses
  • 1 approved psychology program elective