Chatham University

Visual Arts Faculty and Staff

Karen Dajani Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Communication

Hometown : Pittsburgh, Pa.
Joined Chatham : 1980

Academic Areas of Interest

First Amendment rights and the media, Media stereoptypes (Arabs, people with disabilities) Gender differences in communication. Environnmetal reporting.

Personal Areas of Interest

Fishing, skiing, shotgun sports, cruising(US Coast Guard licensed Captain)


Karen Dajani teaches courses in Human Communication, Media History, Persuasion, Intercultural Communication and Research Methods. She also provides instruction to the professional community in the areas of presentation skills, business writing, listening skills and business etiquette. Clients include: Society of AUtomotive Engineers, USX, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy and Sewickley Hospital. Dajani has been the recipient of three Fulbright Awards for Senior Scholars and has taught in Cameroon and Morocco. She participates in the State Department's Academic Specialist Program, through which she has taught throughout sub-saharan Africa and in Haiti. Dajani completed over ten years of service on the board of Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting, and is the past President of the Board of Directors of the FISA Foundation, which serves the needs of women, girls and people with disabilities in Western Pennsylvania.