Chatham University

Women's Studies Curriculum

Minor Requirements
6 courses, including:
WST 101
Introduction to Women's Studies
3 Credits
Examines the role and status of women in society using a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students will examine materials that present and challenge cultural assumptions of the nature and roles of women and consider diversity among women.
WST 201
Feminist Theory
3 Credits
This course is designed to provide students with a critical introduction to the historical development and current controversies of feminist theory including global feminism and women's bodies as a site of contestation. It includes a comprehensive summary of the diverse and interdisciplinary philosophical strains that make up the intellectual heritage of modern feminism. Prerequisite(s): CST 183 or WST 101
WST 325
Transnational Perspectives of Gender Identity
3 Credits
This course uses close reading of fiction, film and theory to lead students to analyze their own identities and to an understanding of how those identities and others exist in a global matrix of cultural, economic, and political relationships. We consider categories of identity such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, spirituality, and sexuality, and their roles in a global context as well as the evolving concepts of postcolonialism, hybridity, and multiplicity with an additional focus on migration to understand how political borders affect women's identities. Prerequisite(s): WST 101 or WST 201
WST 315
Policies and Issues
3 Credits
This course is designed to locate and examine current issues that impact the lives of women, to examine various policies related to these issues, and to explore methods of creating new or modifying existing policies and programs. Prerequisite(s): WST 101 or WST 201
2 electives chosen from the above list of major electives.