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Gateway Adult Students

Gateway Adult Students

Are you a woman 23 years of age or older...

There are several unique advantages to being a Gateway student:

As a Gateway student, at Chatham I am able to apply 'real world' experiences to my learning objectives in a community of women focused on holistic development. At Chatham traditional and non-traditional students come together, learn from each other and so I am able to gain a broader perspective on educational challenges facing women of all ages
- Chivone Chapman

Prior Learning Assessment is meant to assist Gateway students in identifying areas of college-level experiential learning. As such, degree-seeking Gateway students have an opportunity to be awarded academic credit for post-secondary knowledge gained prior to matriculating at Chatham University. Gateway students wishing to develop a portfolio are enrolled in a course which guides students through each and every step of the portfolio development process. Accordingly, Gateway students can potentially earn a maximum of 30 credits towards their educational goals. Read more about portfolio development for Gateway students.

Also, Chatham offers Gateway women the Gateway Student Association. The Gateway Student Association (GSA) is an official campus organization that represents all Gateway women. Students meet to discuss common needs of the adult student population. Through this organization, our Gateway women meet other adult women on campus; have lunches, dinners, participate in campus events together and share their common experiences.

For more information or to set up an individual appointment with our Gateway counselor, Leah Albert, please call 800.837.1290 or email You may also follow the Gateway Student Association's Facebook page for up-to-date information.