Chatham University

2017-18 Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of Graduate Teaching Fellowships and Assistantships are available to full-time graduate students. These are awarded in the form of tuition remission and can save a student 30% or more off the price of tuition, depending on the number of credits taken per term. Chatham also offers a limited number of paid graduate student employment positions in various academic and administrative departments across campus. All assistantships and campus employment positions provide students the ability to gain valuable hands-on experience, expanded learning opportunities and professional growth possibilities.

Newly enrolling graduate students for fall 2017 will be given preference in the award of Assistantship positions.

To complete your assistantship application, please click here.

Assistantship and Fellowship Requirements:

  • Students must have already applied for admission to their specific graduate program.
  • Only students who have been admitted to their program will be considered for an assistantship or fellowship position.
  • Assistantships require a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 19 hours/week.
  • They are awarded for a maximum of two years only (regardless of the length of the program in which the student is enrolled) and are renewed depending on academic and job performance.
  • Students who decline a position automatically forfeit the Award.
  • Only students enrolled full time are eligible for Assistantships. If a student ceases to be enrolled full time during a semester, the tuition remission will be removed from the account and the student will be responsible for any resulting balance owed.
  • A student who is awarded an Assistantship/Fellowship position may also hold an additional on-campus employment position, with total work hours not to exceed 19 per week.
  • Students in the Integrated Degree Program (IDP) are not eligible for Assistantships.

Key Deadlines:

  • Mid-January 2017: Review of Assistantship applications will begin, with first awards being made. Application review and award notifications will continue on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
  • Students will have 30 days after they have been awarded a position to submit their tuition deposit, confirming their enrollment in their academic program.
  • Upon award of a position, an employment contract will be mailed to the student and must be returned to confirm acceptance of the award.

Examples of Past Assistantship Positions

Biology (MSBIO students)

Assistantship Position:

  • Graduate Assistant in Cell & Molecular Biology
    • The graduate assistant in cell and molecular biology will perform experiments at Chatham University related to understanding the development and evolution of the immune system. Specifically, the graduate assistant will take care of a colony of African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis), will be involved in extracting RNA from frog tissues, and will perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments. In addition, the graduate assistant will work on establishing immunofluorescence techniques using a fluorescence microscope. These methods, once established, will be broadly available for other research programs at Chatham, and for teaching purposes in courses including basic biology, histology, cell biology, biochemistry, developmental biology and genetics. The applicants should have some experience with at least some of these techniques.

Graduate Business Programs (MBA and MAcc)

Assistantship Positions:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship Department Faculty Assistant
    • Gain experience in research and instructional support. The candidate for this position must be analytical, organized, dependable, able to manage their time effectively, and able to work with others well. The candidate should also have strong writing skills and computer skills. The main functions of this position focus on supporting faculty needs in research and teaching. Tasks may include data entry, data collection, data management, manuscript preparation, manuscript editing, and instructional materials building in the Moodle environment.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Department Promotions Coordinator
    • Gain office experience and develop professional skills. The candidate for this position must be dependable, able to manage their time effectively, and able to work with others well. The main functions of this position focus on coordination and marketing, i.e., supporting office operations, supervising and coordinating student workers, promoting the business programs through social media, blogging, creating flyers and other promotional literature and media, etc.

Creative Writing (MFA in Creative Writing Students)

Education (MEd Special Education Students)

Assistantship Position:

  • Research Assistantship in Special Education
    • This is a research position that will be assigned based on student and faculty match. Responsibilities may include providing support for research and creative activity of faculty or projects within the Special Education program, as well as researching and assisting with grant proposals for the program or individual faculty members.

Food Studies (Master of Arts in Food Studies)

Assistantship Positions:

  • Community Events and Conference Coordinator
    • This graduate assistantship focuses on development of programs and events connected to coursework and community development for the Food Studies Program. The Assistant will coordinate and help execute an ongoing series of activities for the Food Studies Program. Assistant will plan and organize events related to food or sustainable agriculture for both Chatham and the local community; assist in planning an academic conference for the Association for the Study of Food and Society; as well as coordinate a Regional Food Partnership event in 2016.
  • Food Hub Research Assistant
    • This graduate assistant will work on ongoing research related to Food Hubs for program faculty. Position responsibilities include: conduct surveys, library research, and informational interviews related to an ongoing research project developed by faculty and students, develop and present workshops or presentations related to food hubs for food hub conferences such as “It Takes a Region,” develop a guidebook and assessment tools for outreach and future research on this topic, create tours and educational materials for 2015 food conference related to food hubs.
  • Food Systems Policy Assistant
    • Graduate assistant will provide support for research and community work related to local food systems policy analysis and advocacy. Working with city and county government, local non-profits, businesses, and academic partners, assistant will help develop a food system assessment for the city and specific communities within. Assistant will support faculty member in providing data analysis and policy briefs on food and agriculture issues in region.
  • Wellness Educator
    • This graduate assistant would work to research, develop and coordinate implementation of wellness-based (nutrition and physical activity) initiatives in the community. As such, the position will work closely with the Community-based Research Coordinator GSA on research studies that link chronic disease risk reduction with urban gardens, farmers markets and related local and sustainable food sourcing. Responsibilities include coordinating with the partnering Chatham University Departments and engaging relevant community agencies and organizations; identifying evidence-based nutrition and physical activity curricula and programs for use; coordinating student volunteers to help with implementation of such programs; preparing materials as needed.

Green Chemistry

Assistantship Positions:

  • Teaching Assistant
    • The graduate assistant will serve as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate chemistry class. Responsibilities include: attending class and assisting with class discussion, leading discussion, problem-solving or review sessions, either in small or larger groups, providing office hours for students who need additional help, helping the instructor in whatever way the instructor sees fit to accomplish the goals of the course.

Interior Architecture (MIA Students)

Teaching Fellowship Position:

  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship
    • The graduate student selected for this position will serve in a support capacity for assisted teaching in graphic design and visual communications. They will need to have earned an Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design/Visual Communications, sufficient writing skills and strong graphic design sensibilities to enhance student graphic communication and presentation skills. Professional work experience in graphic design is also encouraged.

MFA in Film and Digital Technology

Assistantship Positions:

  • Digital Video Specialist
    • The Digital Video Specialist graduate assistant provides audio and video production services for the university. The graduate assistant's primary job responsibility is to record and edit events, lectures, and speakers on campus. The Digital Video Specialist may also take on more elaborate video productions for recruitment, publicity, or other university purposes. The production process involves not only shooting and editing, but also capturing, transferring, compressing, uploading and delivering videos to departments that make requests for such productions. The graduate assistant must also act as producer, and maintain communication with the requesting department as their client.

Psychology (MSCP, MAP, and PsyD students)

Assistantship Positions:

  • Graduate Research Assistant
    • Research Assistants will assist faculty in the PsyD and MSCP Counseling Psychology program and MA Psychology program in research activities and administrative tasks. Graduate assistants will provide assistance in all phases of the research process, attend GA trainings and meetings with the assistantship coordinator, and meet regularly with their assigned faculty supervisor.
  • Graduate Research Assistant - Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics
    • The Graduate Research Assistant provides vital support to the Executive Director and faculty research affiliate in a research capacity. She will conduct preliminary research and assist in more sophisticated inquiries as the Center research plan develops. She will also assess Center Signature programs and conduct surveys of program participants, enter the data, and evaluate the results.

Teaching Fellowship Positions:

  • Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant
    • Teaching and Research Assistants will assist faculty in the PsyD and MSCP Counseling Psychology program and MA Psychology program in teaching responsibilities, research activities, and administrative tasks. Specific responsibilities include: assisting with course preparation/maintenance, assisting professors during class time, provide students with feedback outside class time, conducting literature reviews.

Sustainability (Master of Sustainability)

Assistantship Positions:

  • Ethics, Justice, and Sustainability Research/Media Assistantship
    • This student will assist with research and media projects focused on the intersections of sustainability, justice, and ethics-related issues with an emphasis on human-animal engagements.
  • Water Connects Research Assistant
    • The Water Connects Research Assistant will support faculty with ongoing research and related media projects focused on the sustainability of water resources. The assistant will be responsible for collection and processing of field samples, maintenance of databases and equipment, data analysis, coordination of volunteers, communication with community partners, creation of science communication products, and lab management tasks.
  • Falk School Program Assistant
    • The Falk School Program Assistant will support faculty and staff with major outreach programs and events for the upcoming year, focusing on communicating and coordinating information. The assistant would be responsible for maintaining records, developing specific components of each event, and coordinating faculty and student involvement.
  • Urban Resiliency and Sustainability Research/Teaching Assistant
    • Teaching Assistantship responsibilities will include course management, grading, corresponding with students, and some course attendance. For students interested in teaching experience, there will be opportunities to lead classes and develop course content. Research Assistantship responsibilities will include working on two projects related to urban resiliency and sustainability.