Chatham University

Non Degree Seeking Admission (Graduate and Undergraduate)

If you do not intend to pursue a degree, but want to take courses for personal enrichment, professional development, permanent certification, or to apply for degree status at a later date, you can seek admission as a Non-Degree Seeking Student (NDS).

Courses taken as non-degree are not guaranteed to count towards a degree. At the discretion of the appropriate program director, a qualified student can take up to 12 credit hours of courses as an NDS Student. Students who have been denied admittance into a program cannot register for courses as an NDS Student. Students must earn a passing grade to continue as an NDS Student (Graduate Courses: B-, Undergraduate Courses: C). Successful completion of 12 credit hours as an NDS Student does not imply admittance into a degree-granting program. In cohort programs, degree seeking students will be given preference for available seats.

NDS applicants must complete the Non-Degree Seeking application available from the Admission Office. In addition, applicants must submit official academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. Applicants requesting a graduate-level course must submit transcripts showing the award of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who are requesting courses with a pre- requisite must submit official transcripts showing the completion of all pre-requisites from an accredited institution.