Chatham University

Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate education at Chatham University consists of tuition and fees for expenses associated with lodging, food, insurance, facilities, technology, and travel. Nearly 99% of Chatham students receive financial aid, which makes a great Chatham education affordable and helps our students achieve their education goals.


+ 2018-2019 Estimated Costs

Below is an estimate of list costs (without financial aid discounts) for a student who lives on campus and a student who commutes to classes on campus. Final totals will be dependent on each student's financial aid package, room and board preferences, applicable fees, and health insurance needs.

Tuition/Fees Resident Student
Yearly Totals
Commuter Student
Yearly Totals
Tuition Flat Rate
(12-21 credits per term)
$36,276 $36,276
Mandatory Fees $1,335 $1,335
Tuition & Fees Sub-Total $37,611 $37,611
Room & Board*    
(multiple occupancy)
$5,670-$6,260 N/A
Meal Plan (Unlimited meals) $5,880 Optional
Room & Board Sub-Total $11,550-$12,140 N/A

i Did you know? Depending on a student's financial aid package, scholarships and grant aid can significantly reduce the listed tuition price above. Be sure to speak with your admission counselor and Office of Financial Aid to see what financial aid you may qualify for.

* Your amounts will vary depending on your room and meal plan choices. See all options below.

+ 2018-2019 Room and Meal Plan Options

Room rates

  • Multiple Occupancy Room (Double, Triple or Quad): $2,835 - $3,130 per term
  • Single Room: $3,035 - $3,435 per term
  • Apartment (for Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors only): $2,600 - $4,150 per term
  • Orchard Hall, Eden Hall Campus (for Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors only): $1,350 (single room) - $1,425 (single room, 2-person suite) per term. Undergraduate residents are required to purchase the Chatham Eden Hall Meal Plan.

* Certain housing options are billed at a premium. Please refer to the Office of Residence Life for exact charges based on residence hall and room option selected.


All meal plan selections are priced for term only.  Meals expire at the end of each term; any remaining Flex will roll over from Fall to Spring, only if a Spring meal plan is purchased.  Flex will expire at the end of the spring term.  

  • Chatham Platinum: Anytime Plan, unlimited meal access, $25 Flex Dollars: $3,087 per term
  • Chatham Gold: 19 meals/week, $55 Flex Dollars: $2,925 per term
  • Chatham Silver: 14 meals/week, $110 Flex Dollars: $2,925 per term
  • Chatham Bronze: 10 meals/week, $220 Flex Dollars: $2,925 per term
  • Chatham Steel (Not available for First-Year Students): 200 meals, $200 Flex Dollars: $2,368 per term

Apartment and Commuter Meal Plans (LOWER CAMPUS HOUSING & COMMUTERS)

While lower campus residential students and commuters are able to select any of the Chatham plans, the following meal plans are built to give a little more flexibility to those that have access to kitchens.  Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan.   

  • Rachel Platinum: 5 meals/week, $220 Flex Dollars: $1,276 per term
  • Rachel Gold: 100 meals, $200 Flex Dollars: $1,276 per term
  • Rachel Silver: 50 meals, $20 Flex Dollars: $798 per term
  • Rachel Bronze: 25 meals, $200 Flex Dollars: $531 per term

Eden Hall Meal Plan

Only available for residents of Orchard Hall.  

  • Anytime Plan, unlimited meal accesses, $50 Flex Dollars; $2,232 per term

Eden Hall - Anytime access plans provide continuous access to the Eden Hall Dining Commons. Enter and exit the Dining Commons as frequently as you'd like and eat as many meals as you'd like. Flex dollars roll over fall semester to spring semester but not academic year to academic year. Flex dollars can be used at any Chatham dining facility; Shadyside, Eastside Café, Café Rachel, Eden Hall Dining Commons or the Anne Mallinson Café.


Additional Cougar Dollars are available for purchase at the Student Accounts office or through MyChatham for those who want to add dining dollars to their meal plans.  For every $50 purchased, $55 is received.

+ 2018-2019 Fee Details

Laboratory and Course Fees

Applied Art Fee $75 per course
Applied Digital Art Fee $100 per course
Applied Music Fee $600 per term/one-hour lesson per week
Applied Music Fee $300 per term/half-hour lesson per week
Computing Fee $100
Field Placement Fee $75 per course
Photography Course Fee $75 per course
Science Laboratory Fee $75 per course
Simulation Fee Varies
Student Teacher Placement Fee $525

Contingent Fees

Admission Application Fee $35 per application
Chatham Abroad Administrative Fee Varies
Collection Fee Varies
Graduation Fee $100 per degree
Health Services/Medical Professional Fee Varies
Late Add/Drop Fee $50 per course
Late Financial Clearance Fee $150 per term
Late Payment Fee $35 per month
Late Registration Fee $150 per term
Liability Insurance Fee $20 per term
Replacement ID Card Fee $25 per card
Returned Payment Fee $50 per check
Student Health Insurance Policy
Fee is optional (depending on your situation) and
estimated as of December 2017. Subject to change.
$890.00 per term