Chatham University

Admission for Early Entrants and High School Dual Enrollment

Chatham University invites mature, motivated, academically strong high school juniors to consider spending their senior year of high school at Chatham. Typically, such students have completed all but one or two of their high school graduation requirements and are interested in a more challenging curriculum. Before enrollment, students should obtain an agreement from their school counselor and a list of required courses for high school graduation.

Chatham invites serious high school students seeking the additional challenge of college-level work to participate in the High School Dual Enrollment Program. Students or secondary counselors may contact the Office of Admission for detailed information and application procedures at 800-837-1290 or email

Chatham University accepts transfer of credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate coursework completed during high school. Official transcripts and score results must be sent to the Office of Admission in order for transfer evaluation to occur.

AP/IB course transfer details are outlined in the AP/IB fact sheet. The Office of Admission and each student's faculty advisor are available to assist students who have questions about this process.