Chatham University

Undergraduate Conditional Admission

All applicants to Chatham University are reviewed holistically. This may include but is not limited to review of the student's high school and/or college academic success and rigor, performance on standardized tests, writing skills, leadership, community and extracurricular involvement and global experience. Students who demonstrate potential for success may be required to participate in our Transitions Program as a condition of their admission. The Transitions Program is designed to provide the support and skills that students need in order to succeed in the academically challenging environment at Chatham. By participating in the Transitions Program, the student will be required to:

  • Enroll in and successfully complete a course load of up to but not exceeding 14 credit hours in your first term
  • Earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 while maintaining full-time status
  • Participate in and successfully complete IND 101 Transitions: Essential Skills for Success @ Chatham
  • Meet weekly, for the first two semesters, with the PACE Center staff