Chatham University

Bonner Leaders Mission Statement

Through sustained partnerships with colleges and congregations, the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and communities by helping meet the basic needs of nutrition and educational opportunity. The Bonner Foundation is committed to working with all people and institutions regardless of age, race, belief, or nationality. The Bonner Foundation believes that colleges and congregations have vital roles to play in society in nurturing and mobilizing thoughtful, caring, and diverse leadership dedicated to community service. The Bonner Foundation recognizes that often the best way to help someone is to give them the opportunity to help themselves, and that the people best able to address a problem are the people whom it most directly affects. The Bonner Foundation recognizes that effective community service programs involve all stakeholders in their leadership. The Bonner Foundation recognizes that long-lasting partnerships are based on mutual respect and common commitments. The Bonner Foundation supports innovative programs that have the potential to serve as models for the field.