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Important Information

Important Information

Student Honor Code, Summer Reading, 140 List, Traditions

Student Honor Code

Honor is that principle by which we at Chatham form our code of living, working, and studying together. The standards of honor at Chatham require that all Chatham students residing on Chatham’s campus act with intellectual independence, personal integrity, honesty in all relationships, and consideration for the rights and well being of others. As citizens of the campus community focused on education, students must accept certain obligations that accrue by virtue of such citizenship. Individual rights are ensured to the degree that these rights require a respect for the rights of all within the community to the same extent. In accepting admission to Chatham University, undergraduate and graduate students automatically agree to be personally responsible in all matters pertaining to honor and pledge to abide by those rules, which are considered by the community, as part of its Honor Code. While the University articulates specific community standards, both academic and social, the Honor Code is maintained through the acceptance of personal responsibility by each community member in their on and off campus behavior. Upholding the tenets of the Honor Code is essential in promoting a safe and secure living and learning community for which students, faculty and staff share responsibility. The Chatham University Honor Code is reviewed every four academic years with student input. To see the complete honor code visit,

Summer/Winter Reading

The librarians at the Jennie King Mellon Library welcome you to Chatham University and the beginning of your academic experience. We have selected the following titles for you to enjoy over the summer and winter: Summer Reading List. They cover many subject areas and we hope you find several that interest and intrigue. If you don’t read them all, never fear, you will find them at the Library when you come to campus. We look forward to seeing you. For more information visit our website at

Jill Ausel, Library Director
(412) 365-1244

140 List

You might be wondering what you can do once you enroll at Chatham? We have over 140 Things To Do @ Chatham and in the Pittsburgh area. Whether it is attending an on campus tradition or athletic contest, or heading to a Pittsburgh eatery or museum, there are many things to do while at Chatham! We challenge every student to complete the 140 Things To Do @ Chatham during their four years here! In fact, for every five things you complete in each category we have a button for you! So, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and start picking your events!


Chatham University has a rich history that is steeped in campus traditions. Many of Chatham’s traditions came about during its time as a women’s-only college, but today we have several traditions to support our ever-changing campus community. We sincerely hope that all of our students - undergraduate, graduate and continuing education - will come out to experience the traditions that make Chatham such a special place to be. These are not only student favorites, but faculty and staff look forward to annual campus traditions to celebrate as a community as well. Please read through the campus traditions at Chatham University and contact if you have any questions.

Colors are an important signifying tradition on campus. Students proudly display university colors, college colors and class colors to show school spirit.

Opening Convocation (August) marks the traditional opening of the Academic year. We celebrate by welcoming the incoming class and kicking off our Global Focus while coming together as a community.

New Student Ice Cream Social (September) is a time for new students to connect with alumnae and learn about the many experiences that await them as a student and future alumna.

Mocktails (October) is a chance for student organizations to get creative in organizing a non-alcoholic week. This event is sometimes featured during Harvest Fun Fest or as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Halloween Dinner (October) is a chance for students, faculty, staff and their families to enjoy a Halloween themed meal while they compete for prizes in our costume contest.

Battle of the Classes (October/November) is a weeklong event that has each class competing in several activities across campus. This student favorite is sure to build class and school spirit!

Song Contest (November) is a more than 70-year old tradition where classes re-write lyrics to popular songs and perform for their classmates competition style. This is a student favorite that is talked about all year long!

Thanksgiving Dinner (November) is a time for the entire campus to come together in celebration of the Holiday season. This family style dinner allows students, alumni, faculty & staff to connect and celebrate.

Candlelight, Chatham Eggnog, and Holiday Ball (December) is one of the most festive nights of the year. The candlelight service is hosted by the Chatham Choir with traditional music and songs. Following the service, the entire campus celebrates with a formal gathering over Eggnog and a holiday dance celebration sponsored by Chatham Activities Board (CAB)

Moonlight Breakfast (December & April) is a chance for students to take a break from studying for finals while faculty and staff serve a late night breakfast!

Sledding on Chapel Hill is a tradition based entirely on the snow. Students celebrate the snowy weather by sledding down the steep hill.

House Olympics (February) is a time for the Residence Halls to show…who’s the best! This week-long competition helps build community among residents with a little healthy competition.

Spring Formal (April) is a chance to celebrate the end of the spring semester with dinner and a night of dancing. This off campus dance allows students the chance to celebrate the coming end of the semester.

Airband & Senior Skits (April) is a time for the Chatham rock-stars to come out! Students lip-synch and perform choreography or skits to their favorite songs.

Tutorial One of the requirements for graduation from Chatham University is the successful completion of a tutorial project which includes the writing of a paper on the subject selected. The project is normally undertaken in the senior year although in some departments the work begins in the junior year. The tutorial project is usually undertaken in two consecutive terms. Once their tutorial is complete, students receive a special “tutorial button” to display proudly.

University Day: Closing Convocation, University & Bucket & Blossoms (April/May) On May 1, 2007, Chatham was granted university status by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This date marks Chatham’s newest tradition, University Day. University Day kicks off with Closing Convocation, the traditional close of the academic year is much less formal than Opening Convocation. Seniors wear their gowns and tutorial hats which they decorate to represent their personality and/or tutorial topic. University Day is truly a day for the entire campus community to come together to participate in activities including the annual walk/run, planting flowers around the Chatham campus, a cook-out for all students, faculty and staff and the traditional May-pole dance.

Senior Dinner (April/May) Senior Dinner is a night for the graduating seniors to reminisce with their Chatham sisters, faculty and staff that made their college experience.

New & Transfer Student Orientation Schedule.

The schedule will be available on the website in late November.  Contact, if you have any questions.