Chatham University

Orientation Overview

New & Transfer Student Orientation

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New & Transfer
Student Orientation:

Wednesday, August 20 - Sunday, August 24

New Resident Move In:

Wednesday, August 20

Welcome to New & Transfer Student Orientation! The first of several traditions you will have the chance to take part in during your time at Chatham University. Orientation is a great way to become acclimated to everything that the Chatham Community has to offer you. This mandatory program has fun activities and informational sessions to provide you with the tools to enhance your experience here. The engaging activities that are held throughout orientation offer you the chance to connect with fellow classmates before the school term begins making it easier to walk into a classroom full of people you've already met and have spent some time with. So come enjoy orientation and all that it has to offer and make your transition into college easier and FUN!!

New & Transfer Student Orientation is a crucial in getting to know Chatham University and all of its rich resources. It will help you learn more about Chatham, how to navigate campus services, realize the importance of fully engaging inside and outside the classroom, meet new people, and much more. Prior to registering for New & Transfer Student Orientation, it is important that:

  • you complete all steps on the orientation main page. It contains important links to your Student Health forms, important updates and contact information from Student Accounts, Residence Life, Financial Aid, and others.
  • make sure you complete all paperwork and note important dates before registering.

Please note, New Resident Move In will be on Wednesday, August 20 at 10 a.m. This will give all new students living on campus a chance to get settled before starting the orientation activities. More information on student housing is available in Step 3!

What Do I Wear?

We want students to be comfortable throughout orientation which means that you should plan to wear clothing that is appropriate for the events you will be attending. For example, t-shirts and shorts are appropriate for social events and our service project but are not appropriate for more formal events such as your SDE 101 meetings, the Welcome University Brunch or your first meeting with your Academic Advisor. When in doubt about the formality of the event, it is best to dress a step up from t-shirts and shorts and avoid wearing flip flops, sweatpants, halter tops, etc. Please make sure you have a Business Casual, Business Formal, and Cocktail outfit prepared for orientation. Below are links to help you prepare!