Chatham University

Chatham University Student Affairs

Vision Statement

Student Affairs will be a model division characterized by student centered and innovative programs that exceed students’ expectation while increasing student retention.

Missions Statement

Student Affairs’ mission is to work in a collaborative spirit with the campus community to encourage the learning and success of all Chatham University students through student-centered values, actions and outcomes.

Community Core Values

We Value . . .

Students as our central focus

Honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethics above all else

An environment that celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and respect for individual differences

A competitive spirit where everyone is challenged to give their best for a common cause

Feedback and constructive criticism to improve our level of service

A balanced workplace that focuses on health, personal well-being and flexibility

We Offer . . .

Opportunities for students to develop social, leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills

A platform where students can initiate personal ideas and programs

An engaged staff who listens, cares and can empathize with students and their personal situations 

A supportive and challenging environment that enhances students’ intellectual growth and development of  practical skills

A venue for students to gain transferable skills to assist them in their future career endeavors

We Strive . . .

To serve the campus as a central point of student interaction both inside and outside the classroom

To remain committed to Chatham and its mission initiatives

To offer a collaborative work environment among departments with a focus on teamwork, open communication and shared goals

To gain knowledge and a greater understanding of the human culture and our personal and social responsibilities in a democratic society

To remain humble, reflective, and focused on achieving our goals and living the Student Affairs mission and vision in all of our actions