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Athletics and Fitness Center

Visit the Athletic & Fitness Center

The Athletic and Fitness Center (AFC) is an advanced four-level facility designed as a multi-purpose center for the entire Chatham University campus and community. This facility not only houses state of the art equipment for fitness, but is home to the Chatham University Cougars sports teams!

  1. The AFC includes the following amenities:
    • An eight-lane competition swimming pool
    • Whirlpool/sauna/steam room
    • Squash courts
    • Rock-climbing wall
    • A smart classroom with an adjoining human performance laboratory.
    • The fitness and cardiovascular rooms which contains treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, free weights, and circuit strength machines.
    • The dance and aerobics studio is a multi-function space that houses Pilates, martial arts, aerobic classes, and dance courses
    • The gymnasium which seats 600 spectators for athletic events and up to 1,000 for other events
    • A three-lane walking track and smoothie bar

  2. Athletics Games
    Chatham University offers a variety of Division III sports teams that play at home throughout the fall and spring semesters. Many students, faculty, staff, and community members dress in purple to cheer on the Cougars! Check out the fall and spring sports programs for game schedules. Go Chatham Cougars!

  3. Intramurals - visit webpage
    Intramurals are open to all Chatham students, faculty, and staff. Sports include basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, and many others! Teams and individuals can register on or by emailing prior to the registration deadline.

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Carriage House Student Lounge & Gaming System and Board Games

The Carriage House is accessible 24 hours a day with a student ID. The student lounge area include a big screen television with surround sound, Wii, DVD and VCR players, an ATM, and a coin operated soda machine. It’s a great place to study, watch TV, or hang out with friends. The Carriage House is also the home of Student Affairs, and Student Activities, so it’s a one-stop-shop for student needs.

Student Lounges

Carriage House Lounge

Head to the Carriage House to enjoy the big screen TV, play Wii or a board game, or lounge in the couches and chairs. Students can enjoy tables for studying and a pop machine. The Carriage House Lounge is accessible 24/7 with your student ID.

Gateway Student Lounge

Located in the basement of Mellon, next to the snack bar, this lounge has a computer desktop, couches, study tables, and a refrigerator. This is a great place to relax between classes or meet with your study group. This lounge is a great new place to hang out and study.

Woodland Student Lounge

The new Woodland Student Lounge is accessible daily 7 a.m. to midnight. Enjoy the flat screen TV, study tables and couches. This Lounge is a great location to host a student organization meeting, hang out with friends or spend the evening studying.

Falk Student Lounge

Stop by the Falk Student Lounge to use the microwave or study between classes. This lounge is a great place to relax between classes and warm up your lunch. You can also use the pop machine!


Chatham University Student Government (CSG)

The Chatham University Student Government (CSG) is the governing structure that provides an orderly method of government that is representative of all undergraduate students and advocates for the concerns, interests, needs, and welfare of the undergraduate student body at Chatham University.

Undergraduate Budget Committee(UBC)

The Undergraduate Budget Committee is a sub-committee of CSG, who is responsible for allocating funds for travel and events for Chatham University undergraduate students and student organizations.

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Co-curricular Transcripts

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a comprehensive record of a students' leadership experiences, and campus involvement while undergraduates at Chatham University. It supplements their academic transcripts.

How is the Co-Curricular Transcript used?
The Co-Curricular Transcript is a valuable tool for preparing a resume and can be shared with prospective employers and graduate or professional school admissions committees. Also, it is a good document for a students to use in reviewing their co-curricular activity goals throughout the college experiences. For more information on the Co-Curricular Transcript and how to get yours, contact Stephanie Reynolds at 412-365-1286 or

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Community Service Initiatives

Chatham offers a variety of ways for students to get involved and give back to the community. Community Service initiatives are incorporated into events through canned food/clothing drives, making blankets for a local shelter, and much more. There is also a semester Community Service Day where Chatham students, alumni, faculty, and staff volunteer throughout the community in a day of service. To learn more about community service opportunities please contact the Office of Student Activities at 412-365-1281 or

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Cougar K-Nector: Student Mentorship Program

The Cougar K-Nector Student Mentorship Program matches all new students with a current student on campus. The Cougar K-Nector connects with students throughout the first semesters and helps them learn about Chatham. All new students will feel an instant connection and have a student to ask questions.  To learn more about the Cougar K-Nector Student Mentorship Program contact the Office of Student Affairs at 412-365-1286 or

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Counseling Services

Visit webpage

Counseling services is committed to aid you in your personal growth and development in order to assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from your educational experience. Counseling Services offers free, confidential, short term individual counseling and brief psychotherapy to full time registered students. Evaluations and external referrals are offered to part time regular undergraduate and graduate students. During your counseling visit, our staff is prepared to assess the nature of the presenting issue(s) and recommend specific evaluations, treatment, and/or referrals. Counseling Services also provides mental health oriented workshops available on campus throughout the academic year.

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Class Structure

Part of the culture of Chatham University is the tradition of classes. There is a tight bond between members of each graduating class. The class bond is facilitated through a number of activities where the class members participate in service, traditions, and have a lot of fun of course!  

  1. Class Officers

    Each class has six officer positions which are re-elected each academic year. See position descriptions below.

    President: The Class President is the leader of one's class. Each Class President also serves on the CSG Executive Board and is responsible for chairing one committee and holding four office hours a week. The President works with other class officers to plan class events and Battle Of The Classes (BOTC) activities. Class Presidents may be called to speak and attend campus-wide events representing their respective classes.

    Vice President: In addition to serving as a Senator in CSG, the Class VP is responsible for aiding the president plan and execute all class events and BOTC activities.

    Secretary/Treasurer: In addition to serving as a Senator in CSG, the Class Secretary–Treasurer is responsible for maintaining communication within one's class and keeping all monetary records and forms.

    CSG Representatives: (3 Positions) Class Representatives represent their classes’ voice and opinion to the Student Senate as a Senator.

  2. Battle of the Classes

    Battle of the Classes is a weeklong event where each class competes in several organized events.

  3. Passing of the Colors

    Each undergraduate class is pinned with their colors upon their matriculation to the college. Each year, one of the four colors is passed down from graduating seniors to incoming first years.

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Diversity Programming and Services

The Office of Student Affairs provides academic, personal, social, and cultural support to students. Through our programs and services, we strive to promote a campus environment that understands and embraces multiculturalism. Chatham offers culturally rich programming experiences through Diversity Awareness Months events and programs on campus and within the Pittsburgh community.


Awareness Months

  1. At Chatham University, this fall a series of Fall Diversity Awareness and Celebratory months were implemented to generate awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures, challenge stereotypical perceptions of diverse populations, and assist Chatham University in embracing the diversity of its campus community. In order to serve a diverse population and maintain inclusivity, each Diversity Awareness month had a planning committee comprised of faculty, staff, community members, and students. These committees were formed to discuss programs for various celebrations of cultures and diversity.

    Fall 2013 Months

  2. Hispanic Heritage History Month
    Differing Abilities Awareness Month
    LGBTQ History Month
    Native American Indian Heritage Month

    Spring 2014 Months

    Black History Month
    Her Story - Women of Color Month
    Women's History Month
    Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month
    Jewish Heritage Month

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Family and Friends Services

» Visit the Family & Friends page

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Global Focus

Visit the webpage

The Global Focus program engages students in the purposeful study of peoples and civilizations. Our community of scholars promotes the acquisition of sustainable global competencies through the critical and holistic exploration of one specific country or region of the globe every year.

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Graduate Student Activities & Programs

Almost all campus activities and programs are open to both undergraduate and graduate students but there are ones that are designed specifically for graduate students:

  1. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

The Graduate Student Assembly is the governing board for the graduate student body. GSA strives to work with student representatives from each graduate program to represent graduate students with the University administration, initiate social and educational programs, and oversee the GSA budget. Hallie Arena is the GSA Advisor

  1. GSA Social @ Shadyside Campus

    A monthly social event for all Graduate Students, Faculty, & Staff! A great opportunity to meet other graduate students and members of Chatham University with food, drinks, & fun!

  2. GSA Mug Club @ Chatham Eastside

    A monthly social event for students to relax and enjoy pizza & beverages. It's a great way to meet other students and take a break after classes.

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Health Services

Visit webpage

The Chatham University Student Health Services emphasizes health promotion, education, and prevention. Health Services is open to all registered Chatham University students. When there is a need for further evaluations or medical care beyond the services Health Services can provide, Health Services can facilitate the process of obtaining appropriate referrals to a select network of providers and hospitals in the medical community. Health Services also offers a variety of free health and wellness workshops and programs throughout the academic year.

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  1. Athletics and Fitness Center (AFC)

    Students, Faculty and Staff may use the designated day lockers at no cost. Users wishing to purchase semester locker privileges may do so on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $40 per semester for a full locker and $20 per semester for a small locker. The user will be issued a lock from the Director of the AFC.
    Contact: Dr. Ron Giles at or 412-365-1269.

  2. Carriage House Commuter Lockers

    The Office of Student Affairs oversees the use of lockers for commuters in the Carriage House. Commuter students can leave their belongings between classes or overnight in order to lessen the amount they have to carry to class, meetings, or home.
    Contact: Stephanie Reynolds at or 412-365-1286 or drop by Office of Student Affairs, Carriage House, 1st Floor.

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Student Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to helping students discover and develop their abilities to lead themselves, their organizations, and their community. The Chatham leadership experience is designed to develop leaders who are socially, intellectually, spiritually, and physically self-actualized, who are grounded in ethics, and who will work courageously to improve the lives of others.

  1. Wilderness Expedition

    Students attend a guided wilderness adventure that teaches leadership and group development. Students are challenged to work as a team to accomplish tasks and learn the practice of environmental stewardship.

  2. Urban Survivor

    Teams of students compete to earn the title of Urban Survivor using leadership and teamwork to successfully complete challenges while being immersed in the Pittsburgh area for 24 hours.

  3. R.I.S.E. (Retain. Involve. Strengthen. Excel.)

    A retention program designed to increase the academic success, professionalism and leadership skills of women of color at Chatham University. This is a two-year program that provides new (first year, new and Gateway) students of color a mentor, institutional support and a series of co-curricular programming throughout a two-year transition period into college. Through regular monthly meetings, special events as well as semester retreats, members of RISE will have the opportunity to learn and grow as contributing members of the Chatham community.

  4. W.O.W. (Women of the World) Leadership Retreat

    An annual leadership retreat developed by the Office of Student Affairs for all undergraduate and graduate women of Chatham University. Each year a different theme is chosen. Students are presented with educational sessions, teambuilding and discussion in large and small groups, and the opportunity to improve the campus through using what they learn to make changes with the campus community.

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Spiritual/Religious Connections

Chatham University, with the support of the Chatham Interfaith Council, provides services and programs to enhance the spiritual development and intellectual curiosity of students through both curricular and co-curricular programs and services.

  1. All Faith Gathering

    The All Faith Gathering is a time for all students, faculty, and community members of all faiths to come together spiritually. This gathering provides opportunities for spiritual reflection and meditation for all participants of varying faiths. The Gathering has evolved from its implementation at the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester. This spring the gathering has grown to include more interactive spiritual exercises including drumming, spiritual dancing, music, poetry, love and marriage, women and religion, and much more! The gathering is held in the PCW Room in Anderson Dining Hall every Thursday from 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

  2. Multi-Faith Council

    The goal of the Multi-Faith Council is to offer services to foster spiritual development in each of our students, as well as religious sensitivity and understanding between different faiths and traditions.

  3. Religious Organizations/Services in the area

    » Click here to view a list of places of worship in Pittsburgh

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Chatham After Hours

Chatham After Hours, Monday Night Edge, and Outdoor Adventures are just a few of the many social events planned through the year for students at Chatham. Chatham partners with campuses in Pittsburgh area to provide a coeducational environment for students at campus activities. Check out the happenings page on myChatham daily for the most up-to-date listing.

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Shuttle Service to Grocery Stores & Shopping Centers

Students have the opportunity to take the Chatham Shuttle to a variety of shopping centers, malls, and local stores each weekend. Every weekend the destination is to a new mall or shopping area! It provides students with a great opportunity to get the essentials, splurge now and then, and explore Pittsburgh!

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Student Connections via Targeted Groups

Student Affairs Professional Staff members communicate regularly with the students in their target group with the primary responsibility of serving as a liaison between them and the institution. Each staff member is cognizant of the unique needs of their specific target group and to adequately represent them so their concerns and needs are heard and taken care of accordingly.

Contact: Terylnn Olds
Commuter Students  
Contact: Stephanie Reynolds
Gateway Students  
Contact: Sean McGreevey
Graduate Students  
Contact: Hallie Arena
International Students  
Contact: Hallie Arena
Minority Students  
Contact: Sean McGreevey
Out-of-State Students  
Contact: Office of Student Affairs
On-Campus Residents  
Contact: Heather Black
Transfer Students  
Contact: Stephanie Reynolds