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Welcome to the Office of Student Activities! The Office of Student Activities at Chatham University is committed to student involvement on Chatham's campus and in the community. The office, which is located in the Carriage House, provides quality programming, leadership and community service opportunities to enrich students' out-of-classroom experience, coordinates the new, transfer and graduate student orientation, and advises Chatham's 60 student organizations. The Office of Student Activities is also responsible for many favorite traditional events including Thanksgiving Dinner, Battle of the Classes, and Holiday Ball.

The Office of Student Activities is committed to collaborating with other offices and student organizations to create an engaged campus community. Please explore this website to learn more about student organizations, campus events, and traditions. Please email us at if you have any questions.

The Office of Student Activities partners with several campus departments and student organizations to create a vibrant campus life with fun social and educational events for students. Each semester students can pick up a Student Activities Calendar that includes all the events for the semester. Students should regularly visit myChatham for updates!

The following are series events that happen each semester. These student favorites are a great way to get involved and meet new people:

  • Community Service volunteer opportunities are once a month.  Events vary to meet everyones needs and give you a chance to volunteer in a variety of capacities.
  • Chatham After Hours is a late night and weekend programming on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights that keeps your weekends filled with fun events, which includedate nights in Pittsburgh, pre-release movies, themed dances, and much more.
  • Becoming a Refined. Exceptional. Professional. (REP)  is a series of activities designed to help select seniors and graduate students connect with alumni and prepare for life after college.
  • Shopping Center Shuttle is a weekly shopping shuttle that gives students a chance to get off campus and buy food and other supplies for the next week.
Ruben Henao

Ruben Henao

Assistant Director of Student Activities



Ryann Press
Graduate Administrative Associate


Mary-Kaylor Hanger
Graduate Administrative Associate