Chatham University


Room Change Policy and Procedures

Residents who want to change their housing assignment may complete the Room Change Request Form which can be found on my.chatham.  Room changes are offered two weeks after the beginning of each semester.  Students requesting a room change must have already met with their RA in order for the request to be considered.  In the case of a roommate conflict, the RA and/or GRD will require mediation before a room change will be considered.  The room change period ends on October 10 for the Fall 2011 semester and February 10th for the Spring 2012 semester.  The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to move students as necessary.  If a student loses a roommate during the year, Residence Life reserves the right to assign another student to that space without prior notification.  The University also has the right to relocate students at any time for any reason.