Chatham University

Residence Halls & Apartments

What Should I Bring to Campus?

Listed below are items necessary for your stay in the residence halls and/or items you may wish to bring to make your residential living experience more comfortable. With this checklist, we hope that your packing for the start of college life will be easier. Be sure to check with your roommate to avoid duplication of items such as a television, a small refrigerator, etc.

Don't forget to bring Chatham University  
closet hangers
towels and wash cloths
bed linens and blankets
alarm clock
telephone with long cord
hair dryer
desk lamp (not halogen)
desk supplies
first aid kit
laundry supplies
mending kit
umbrella and rain gear
cups, silverware, bowls, etc.
admission, financial aid, billing, and other college paperwork
trash can
outerwear (including coat, gloves, hat and scarf)
extension cord(s)
surge strip
You may want to bring:  
television (check with your roommate(s) first!)
antennae for better TV reception
posters and pictures
broom/dustpan or Swiffer
stationery and stamps
electric fan
door message board
shower caddy
camera and accessories
drying rack
stereo or radio with headsets
poster putty or blue painter’s tape
address book
over the door towel rack
calling card for off-campus calls
a small room-sized refrigerator (check with your roommate(s) first!)
ethernet cable for your computer to access the Internet – at least 10 feet long
DO NOT bring:
You should NOT bring the following items, which are banned from the residence halls for safety reasons:
pets (excluding aquarium fish)
candles, incense & burner
hot plate, toaster oven, or any other appliance with an exposed
   heating coil (permitted only in the Chatham Apartments)
halogen lamps of any wattage
space heater (unless provided by the College)
air conditioner (unless approved for use)
If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life at 412-365-1518.