Chatham University

The Internship Process:
Where Do I Begin?

When beginning the internship process, it is key to start early, at least one semester ahead of when you wish to do the internship for academic credit. Searching and applying for internships takes time. If you want to be intentional about where you secure an internship, the earlier you begin the process the better. For example, the larger, more competitive internships and research opportunities have very early application deadlines. Check with your academic advisor and/or career consultant for more specific timelines related to your internship interests. The following is a checklist to help you get started with finding an internship that is just right for you!

  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss timing and type of experience that supports your academic learning in your major or field of interest
  • Begin search of internship opportunities in your area of interest using Handshake, the Internship Sites and Sources webpage, your networks and other career resources; bring two or three internship job descriptions with you to your first career advising appointment
  • Schedule an appointment through the Career Development Office for additional assistance with your search and applications, and to start the internship process
  • Develop resumes and cover letters tailored to the internships you wish to apply for, and have these reviewed by a career consultant before applying
  • Schedule a mock interview with a career consultant prior to your internship interview
  • Once you secure an internship, visit "Registering Your Internship" to learn how to earn academic credit for your upcoming experience
  • Sign up to attend an Internship Preparation Workshop prior to starting your internship for academic credit (this is required for the internship course)