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  • Chris Bollinger

    Chris Bollinger

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+CandidCareer is changing the way we approach career exploration. Whether you are just beginning to explore career options, preparing for a job interview, or looking to change careers, can help. We are the premier provider of thousands of informational video interviews with real professionals through an easy to use website. Our notion is that we can all learn from the experiences of others. Our site is dedicated to providing the inside scoop on careers so our viewers will be informed and ready for what lies ahead. Find your passion today at!


Launched in July 2012, JobGateway is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s initiative to transform the landscape of how job-seekers find family sustaining jobs and how employers find the skilled candidates that they need.

For Job-Seekers (including Veterans)

In JobGateway, job-seekers have free access to thousands of job openings. JobGateway will also recommend jobs for you based on your preferences. JobGateway performs an automatic capture of your job-search activities within the system. You have the ability to record any outside job-search activities, too.

Please note that you may be asked to provide your social security number when using JobGateway.

+Other helpful Career Related Websites

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